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Dr. Stanley W. Jacob M.D and DMSO

Dr. Stanley W. Jacob

Dr. Stanley Jacob is considered the "Father of DMSO"

As the head of the organ transplant team at the Oregon Health Sciences University in the 1960's Dr. Jacob was first introduced to DMSO, he needed a way to preserve transplant organs at a low temperature without the formation of ice crystals which would kill the tissue. While 100% DMSO will freeze around 66' F, a mixture of 50% DMSO and water will not freeze at temperatures far below the freezing point of straight water.

Dr. Jacob soon discovered DMSO had many other properties that would later prove to make DMSO one of the most important medical products ever discovered. Described by Dr. Jacob as a new medical principle, strange to medical science.

It's mode of action is not completely understood, with the ability to treat ailments that have long been considered untreatable.

Dr. Jacob was the first to write a report on DMSO in 1963 as a pharmacologic agent, it caused a flood of trials for the described "miracle" drug that carried other substances through the skin and into all organs of the body, in addition it could relieve inflammation and pain in many conditions.

Dr Jacob has become known globally for making known the new and varied uses of DMSO, treating tens of thousands of patients from his university office in Oregon, and seeing 200 people a week with spinal cord injuries, Down's syndrome, stroke, spondylitis, burns, cancer, scleroderma, herpes zoster, severe arthritis and related complications to name just a few of the many types of health issues treated with DMSO.

For almost 20 years Dr. Jacob struggled with the FDA (USA) and the scientific community to get DMSO approved, legitimized for national distribution and generally accepted medical use.

Dr. Jacob passed away on January 17th 2015 at the age of 91.

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