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1 qty: Book - "DMSO Dimethylsulfoxide for Humans: Recipes & Treatment"

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140 Pages

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In this unimposing book, the author, Herb "Roi" Richards PhD., releases information about the alternative health approaches to using dimethyl sulfoxide. According to millions of DMSO users, they have used this naturally occurring herbal solvent extracted from trees to overcome many health challenges. The author shares the recipes for these remedies, as well as his own experiences using this inexpensive natural substance on and in his body.

If you have heard about DMSO and investigated it thoroughly, all your efforts may have left you with many unanswered questions. This is the book that might answer your questions.

You will learn about DMSO's origin, how it is used, and how not to use it. The author also presents other natural substances that work well when combined with DMSO, and recipes for applying the various mixtures to a variety of maladies.

Surprisingly, the author proposes that DMSO can (and should) be used to replace using needles to inject various materials into the body. According to the author, a recipe could be made, combining DMSO with most any substance that one might like to be injected, then applied topically to achieve similar results. Using DMSO as the delivery agent, you just rub what you want to inject on the body's surface area, and the DMSO takes it through the protective layers of the skin, and into the bloodstream, body mass, and/or bone marrow.

Many books have been written about DMSO, though not about how millions of people are using it. The eye-opening introduction to the many possible health-related uses of this simple inexpensive herbal ingredient makes it standout in comparison to the other books that have been written. Add to that, Richards' easy to administer recipes, and it may be the most valuable addition to any home health emergency library.


DMSO Dimethylsulfoxide for Humans: Recipes & Treatment

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